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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Dirty Scurry?

The Dirty Scurry Adventure Run has come to a conclusion and we will no longer have a race.  However we are continuing our partnership with Cook Children's Medical Center and PT Fitness.  We will continue to execute our goal of getting families and kids moving in creative fun ways.  Stay tuned to our social media and subscribe to our newsletter "Dirty Scurry Chronicles" for more fun things to do. 


What is the deadline for Registration?

Electronic Registration generally closes at 9pm the Tuesday before the race.. Postal Registration must be received by the Wednesda before the race.. Additionally, walk-up registration will be available the day of the race. T-shirts and Swag bags will be on first come first serve basis for any registrants the day before the race.

If the race sells out prior to the dates and times stated above, the only paper registrations accepted will be those that were post marked on or before the sell out date.

Is there a maximum capacity for the Dirty Scurry Adventrure Run?
Yes. Maximum capacity for the 2015 race was 2000 participants.

Where and when do I pick up my packet?
You may pick up more than one packet if you have names or proper confirmation information.

Packets will be available on race day.  We urge you to pick them up prior to race day.  Registration will open at 7am on race day. 


Where is the race taking place?
The muddy adventure will take place at LaGrave Field along the Trinity River Trail. Parking for the race will be at this location as well.

The physical address of the race is:

301 NE 6th St.

Fort Worth, TX  76164

Is there a Map of the course?  Yes, view 2015 map.

Does the course enter the river at any time?
No, the course is along the Trinity River and does not include water obstacles. Participants will not be entering the water at any time during the race.

Where do I register for this event?
Click “register now” in the right-hand sidebar and you will be taken to an electronic registration form.

What if someone can’t register electronically? 
Click on this PDF form. Fill out the appropriate information and mail your entry fees (cash/check) to PO Box 692, Fort Worth, Texas 76101.


How do I register a team or large group?

On our registration page, you now have the option to register a participant as an individual, join a team, create a team and even manage your team. When creating a team, it will prompt you to enter your team name and then you have the option to create a password. Once your team is created, you can proceed to registering participants. YOUR information as purchaser goes in the top section, and then your payment information is entered. Your friends can select your team from the drop-down menu when they register for the race.

Does my child have to be on a team in order to participate? 
No!  We welcome all participants, ages 5-14, and guarantee they'll have a great time running through the mud - with or without a team! Click “register now” button, and choose “Individual Registration” option.

How do I find out who has joined our team?
Team captains are able to manage their team from our registration page by logging into their EventBrite account. They are able to see who has joined their team, invite others, email coordinators of the Dirty Scurry, and edit the team name and password (if applicable).


How do I transfer to a different group/team?

It is as easy as logging into your Eventbrite account, viewing your order under My Tickets and selecting Transfer! Also, for complete insight into the process, step-by-step directions on transferring to a different group/team can be found in our Help Center."


How do I register my team to compete to win an obstacle?

You must create a fundraising team separate of participant registration.  Click here to create your fundraising team. 

How many participants are needed to form a team?
Five, although they're able to register separately. The Team Captain needs to register first and create the team name. When the individual team members join they will then choose their team name from a drop-down box whenever they register.

Can parents run the course with their children?
Parents may not participate in the race. The race is in an open setting, so parents will be able to watch and photograph their participants in the obstacles. We will have volunteers stationed at each obstacle along the course to help any who may need a little extra encouragement as they maneuver the muddy obstacles.

What ages can participate in the race?

Children between the ages of 5 - 14 as of race day can participate in the race.  We will have many fun activities for children of all ages that will take place during and after the race. 

Where do I donate to this event?
Click the “fundraising” tab on the home page menu and you will be taken to the donation website.

What’s included in my registration?
With your registration, you will receive all of the following:
- Official Dirty Scurry T-shirt 
- Swag Bag full of goodies
- Bib
- Chip Timer (if you choose competitive in your registration)
- One-mile obstacle course filled with muddy challenges
- Fun times strolling through our vendor stalls
- Activities such as bounce houses, face painting, etc. 
- And a great deal of fun!

Where does the money raised by Dirty Scurry go?
The proceeds from Dirty Scurry Adventure Run 2015 will benefit Cook Children’s Medical Center.  Specifically, these proceeds will be directed to the sports rehab, childhood obesity and child life program.

Can I get a refund?
No, as soon as your funds are submitted to the Dirty Scurry Adventure Run, your registration is final.

Will my child have a chance to get clean before leaving ?
Yes!  You will want to bring a few towels with you for the finish.  The Dirty Scurry will provide a water spraying station for the kids to clean up! 

How else can I contribute to Cook Children's Child Life Program?
If you want to do MORE for the cause, in our relationship with Cooks Children’s Medical Centerwe learned about their Child Life program. The Child Life specialists work with the kids and families to make their visit to the medical center easier and more comfortable.

Feeling sick, getting injured, being in strange surroundings, experiencing painful procedures, changes in routine and separation from family and friends can all add up to stress and anxiety for a child or teenager. Child Life staff members recognize that hospitalized children still need opportunities to just be kids. They help children and families cope with a hospital experience by providing emotional and developmental support, giving honest information geared to the child’s level of understanding and providing fun activities. The Child Life team works with medical and support staff to create a warm, child-friendly environment.

Their “Wish List” for the Child Life Closet is a guide of what you can bring to help. If you wish to bring any of the items needed on this list, we will have an area available for this the day of the race.


Cook Children's